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Best Laptops for Microsoft Office

The ultimate everyday laptop is considered to be one which combines portability, performance, good looks and OS. Consider best laptops for Microsoft Office

Best Laptops for Computer Science Students

We’ve assembled the Best Laptops for Computer Science Students. The list includes laptop for handling intense tasks such MATLAB, NetBans, and Eclipse

Best Laptops for Finance Majors

Students need resources, tools, info and support to get through their course work. But they also need laptops. Some of the best laptops for Finance Majors

Best Laptops for Mechanical Engineering Students

Looking to join Enigneering school, here’s the Best Laptops for Mechanical Engineering Students list. They should help handle CAD, MathCAD, MATLAB, Visual B

Best Mouse Under $20

The best mouse under 20 dollars article brings to light some of the best and most affordable mice available right now. There are wireless and wired options

Best Laptop for Remote Work

We review the best laptop for remote work in the market, taking into account their processor, storage, connectivity, and display in our reviews.

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Eluktronics Review 2020 (ODM / OEM Company)
Eluktronics Review 2020 (ODM / OEM Company)

Have you heard of Eluktronics laptops? You probably haven’t. Well, Eluktronics are an ODM company, and in truth, one that is not from your standard name-brand laptop company. Even though you may …

Laptop RAM vs Desktop RAM
Laptop RAM vs Desktop RAM

The Random Access Memory (RAM), also known as system memory or main memory, is computer storage that temporarily stores files and software currently being used by the computer. In this guide, we are g…

Acer vs Asus
Acer vs Asus

If you are looking to buy a high-end laptop and are not sure which brand to choose, you’ll likely face the Acer vs Asus debate. If that’s your case, we’ve prepared this guide just for you. You…


For veteran gamers, a laptop buying process will probably come down to two options: MSI vs ASUS. MSI has mainly focused on gaming laptops while ASUS has diversified its models to cater to different cu…

Lenovo vs Dell
Lenovo vs Dell

Whether you are in search of a premium gaming laptop or a cheap model, Lenovo vs Dell is a debate that will always come up while shopping around. Both companies produce quality machines to satisfy the…

Asus vs Lenovo
Asus vs Lenovo

If you have been shopping around for a laptop, you have probably stumbled upon two of the most popular brands in the computer industry: Asus vs Lenovo. While both of these brands have pretty good opti…

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Can You Upgrade Ram on a Laptop?

Can you upgrade RAM on a laptop? In this article, we discuss how you can determine if your laptop model can have its RAM upgraded.

“Our first computers were born not out of greed or ego, but in the revolutionary spirit of helping common people rise above the most powerful institutions.” ― Steve Wozniak