How Much Storage do I Need for Gaming?

How Much Storage do I Need for Gaming?

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link to SSD RAID


Mechanical drives contain moving parts prone to failure, so RAID arrays provide fault tolerance in case of HDD failure. However, with the arrival of SSDs, SSD RAID arrays have become popular due to...

link to B450 vs B550

B450 vs B550

AMD's B450 has been a popular motherboard chipset for years, but the new B550 chipset may convince you to take advantage of its features. However, their different prices may make it difficult for you...

link to ACM Monitor

ACM Monitor

If you use an Acer laptop or monitor, you might find an ACM monitor setting within Acer's EcoDisplay. It changes your screen contrast, but what exactly is it, and should you use it? Adaptive...

link to AHCI vs RAID


Even with modern-day SSDs, many still rely on data transmission protocols from decades ago. AHCI and RAID offer alternative capabilities while serving different purposes, so it is crucial to...