About Us

Liam Weissman

Hello and welcome to Fancy Appliance! I’m Liam – a guy who loves nerding out on the newest computer technology and getting wrapped up in my favorite old school video game (Counter-Strike, FTW!).

A few years ago, I was custom building my 3rd desktop computer and looking for reviews on specific motherboards.

I struggled to find a solid, comprehensive review, that was written by someone who seemed to actually understand the specifics of different computer parts. That’s when I realized there was a gap in the technology industry when it came to education on laptops, desktops, and computer accessories. After nearly falling out of my gaming chair from this realization, I knew that something had to be done. 

So, I began thinking through the key criteria that I look for and want to know about before purchasing a piece of technology. This became the beginning stages of me building out this tech review site, Fancy Appliance.   I’m your go-to resource for reviews on laptops, computers, and other tech gadgets. I’m both a Mac and PC user so that I can accurately review both operating systems and share my unbiased thoughts on them.

I hope you enjoy the site!