What is a Good Laptop Brand?

Big names, cutting-edge designs, amazing technological features, and some catchy slogans are just some of the things we think when it comes to Laptops brands. Nevertheless, when we are thinking about buying a good laptop for us, is natural to ask ourselves what is a good laptop brand, so we can choose from a quality source. 

What is a Good Laptop Brand?

We call a good laptop brand any well known global technology company that consistently and through time has achieved great success by offering innovation, outstanding quality, and reasonable prices. Reviewing several reputable sources, we’ve made a top 5 shortlist of good laptop brands:

Black Dell laptop on sofa
  • Dell: American company with a well-earned reputation of reliable, powerful office and work laptops with simple, efficient designs. 
  • Asus: Based in Taiwan, Asus is worldwide famous for its powerful laptops with outstanding features for games.
  • Lenovo: A fine example of what it means the computer business, Lenovo was originally the PC and Laptop division of IBM. Today, emblematic models from that time, like the ThinkPad are still here with enormous success.
  • HP: A brand always associated with innovation and creativity, Hewlett Packard has managed to lead and reinvent itself, being right now one of the leading global brands in high-quality models and a gamer specialist. 
  • Apple: The world’s most famous brand. Apple has always a slight upper price policy associated with a more premium product.

What Makes a Good Laptop Brand?

A good brand goes beyond a model of a laptop with good features. These five factors support a good laptop brand through time.


When we talk about quality, we refer mostly to the internal key factors that determine the physical status of the Laptop: processing chip; RAM memory assigned; storage capacity, screen monitor and sound quality. Most of the laptop brands mentioned above make sure to include only high-quality parts on their laptops and computers.

Technical Support 

When you buy a laptop, at least in the warranty lapse, it should be the beginning of one relationship of trust between you and your laptop’s brand customer service. A good laptop brand is one that’s consistently there to help you in case of emergency or need for technical service. Through its tech support, a good company develops bonds with its users to promote loyalty to the brand.


There are laptops users loyal to a particular brand that can not imagine being working with other equipment. Many Apple followers are hard lovers of the ultra-slim, light MacBook Air design. On the other side, some users just die for its solid, reliable Lenovo ThinkPad and its keyboard. These bonds come from an assertive design from the laptop brands.

MacBook Pro laptop slightly opened

Price/Quality Relation ‌

A good laptop brand has a price/quality relation that you can trust. Dell computers are well known to produce simple, efficient designs. This price combination allows them to offer a good range of medium – low-cost laptops of high quality. This is something that users of this brand cherish. 

On the other side, Apple or Microsoft are well known for its top-notch products that are always in the high, top range of prices. These prices are paid with satisfaction by its users because they expect to receive the best technology available. 


From IBM to HP, and from Microsoft to Apple, all good brands made innovation a core value. We see it from time to time with every significant improvement of the key indicators of the laptops or with the release of new products, like the 2 in 1 laptop. 

How Do I Choose a Good Laptop?

To make a good decision, keep always in mind that you are always looking at what’s best for you. Take into consideration your lifestyle and needs. For example, if you’re only interested in streaming series or working, you’ll probably end up spending more than necessary if you buy a powerful laptop designed for gaming.

These questions will help you identify what kind of brand and device is best for you:

Are You Looking for a Laptop to Work or for Your Home?

Some brands are more oriented to specific niches than others. Dell and Lenovo are classically acknowledged as excellent office/work devices; while an Apple MacBook is a classic example for a high-quality family device. 

On the other hand, a MacBook Air has a cutting edge design, but if you have kids at home, maybe it is not the best choice in terms of physical endurance. Similarly, when it comes to graphic design, Apple and HP are well known for its stunning display resolutions.

Are You a Gamer?

Your gamer status is relevant. Today most of the brands have released special editions and even special lines dedicated to regular gamers. This could be great if you are an avid gamer, but there are unnecessary features that you’ll pay if you are an average user. Apple is not very oriented to the game market, while Microsoft or Asus have editions of Laptops specially dedicated to heavy gamers.

Gamers playing on their laptops

Do You Commute or Travel Frequently?

On the other hand, if you travel frequently, that raises another factor to keep in mind. A regular laptop will have an average monitor of 15 inches and a weight of 4 or 5 pounds. Can you carry your laptop with you all day, every day? It’s that’s not your case, maybe you should consider a lighter version of a Laptop or even a 2 in 1 version.

What’s Your Budget?

Finally, of course, there is the budget factor. There are lots of alternatives and combinations in terms of features, design, and prices to find a good laptop suitable for your interests. Despite being last in our list, this question is a great place to start narrowing down your choices. 


A good laptop brand has to meet outstanding standards of quality, innovation, custom support, design, and prices. To choose a good laptop you should consider your needs with an offer of a good brand that satisfies our requirements. Hopefully, this article has shed some light in the subject and help you find a good laptop brand for you.

Liam Weissman

A lover of MacBook Air and the Dell XPS line of laptops, Liam has been researching and writing as a guest blogger for numerous websites for over 10 years. Now, he blogs about tech trends, PCs, laptops, gadgets, and other emerging gadgets on FancyAppliance.com.

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