Should I Buy an iPad or a Laptop?

Both iPads and Laptops are devices with amazing strengths and some weaknesses. If you can only have one of these devices, making a decision can be hard. If you’re still wondering should I buy an iPad of a Laptop? Looking at several crucial details can help you to make the right choice for you. 

Should I Buy an iPad or a Laptop?

Knowing if you should buy an iPad or a Laptop will depend mostly on your needs as a user. If you are a heavy gamer, you need a device to work, or you need to type a lot, you should buy a laptop. If you need mobility, and you consume a lot of media content without so much typing, you should buy an iPad.

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The main question you should ask is what kind of user are you? Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine what’s best for you:

The natural environment for an expert gamer is a laptop or a desktop. An iPad won’t fulfill the requirements of screen size, graphic resolution, and connectivity required to gaming. 

On the other hand, if you are a mobile user, with a considerable amount of your workday in the street, or traveling, the obvious choice is an iPad. Keep in mind that the average weight of a Laptop is about 6 pounds, against 0.85 pounds of an iPad.

Your field of work is relevant, too. Writers, Architects, Graphic Designers, for example, all need the best possible display and the regular use of peripherals like mouse, and keyboard.

If you are looking for a device your whole family can use, an iPad is a better choice. It’s lighter and it functions in a more intuitive way than a Laptop. Besides, most people would argue than an iPad is better than a laptop to enjoy multimedia content. 

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What Is the Point of an Ipad?

An iPad is a very powerful tool with a cutting edge design, capable of bringing you an outstanding experience in terms of display, sound, and general performance. 

With an iPad, you can do almost all of your daily tasks in a very intuitive, comfortable environment: from checking your email and social networks to manage some work apps to keep your info updated. Besides, an iPad is the perfect display to enjoy music and video using its peripheral devices: earphones, speakers and so on. 

Is an iPad Better Than a Laptop?

In terms of performance, one iPad, like the iPad Pro easily equals or surpasses many laptop models.  

The iPad Pro, for example, has a strong processor, the A12X;  and its storage capacity goes from 64 GB to even 1 TB. It has a weight from 1,03 to 1,04 pounds, while an average Laptop weighs 6 pounds. 

This doesn’t make it automatically better than a laptop if you think of the user’s needs. Depending on your job, all the arsenal of features of an iPad can be less important than the availability of a keyboard or a bigger screen.

Can You use an iPad as a Laptop?

You can use an iPad as a laptop in certain ways. There are a lot of tasks that you do on a laptop that you can equally do on your iPad. You can manage your email, social networks, banking accounts, and work apps.

However, there are other, more specific tasks that will require the use of the keyboard or a mouse, in a more conventional way. 

A black iPad with optional keyboard

iPad Pro has an optional keyboard, designed to be portable. It’s a slim case that attaches to the backside of the iPad, and it works too as a protective case.  This keyboard pairs automatically and it doesn’t have any problems with Bluetooth connection. You don’t have to wait for its battery to charge, neither. 

However, this keyboard, just like most portable keyboards, isn’t the best option if you plan to use it as a primary work tool. If you are a regular writer, it eventually will wear out.

Why Do I Need an iPad if I Have a Laptop?

You don’t necessarily need an iPad if you already have a Laptop. You only will get extra value of having an iPad if you need a device for commuting, or if you want a lighter device when you lie in your bed before sleep.


If you are thinking of buying a laptop or an iPad, first you should consider what kind of user you are and what are your needs. That will be a very good start. Specific features like screen size or the availability of peripherals will help you to make your mind without doubts. 

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