Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage Review



  • Easy to set up
  • Great sturdy build – all steel construction
  • Includes 6 weight plate pegs to organize weights
  • Smooth motion owing to linear bearing
  • All in one workout station for legs and arms


  • Suitable station for only one user at a time
  • Weights purchased separately

No matter how state of the art your gym membership might be, sometimes keeping up with the constant drives to the gym can be boring and tedious. So at times having a yoga mat in your bedroom or a few dumbbells at the corner of your room can help you stay consistent with your exercise. Better yet, having a full-fledged strength plan or setting up a complete gym in your house can be more consistent if you can afford it.

Well if your primary goal is strength, you have to lift heavy. You have to get your mind in shape before your body follows. You have to be ready to push your body enough until you get those six packs you’ve been wishing for. To be honest, that’s never an easy fete. A strength-focused workout requires heavy lifting and the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is the best bet to achieve that. You can install it in one of your rooms, set it up and you’ll be well in your way to get that size and endurance.

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Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage Specs

Linear-bearing Smith MachinePresent
Butterfly Press StationPresent
Pull-up BarPresent
Pulley SystemSingle lower pulley and dual cross-over upper pulleys
Maximum Weight on Weight Bar300 lbs
Maximum Weight on Bench (including the user)600 lbs
Dimensions95 x 79 x 86 inches
Weight430 pounds
Accessories availablePlate Posts, V Bar, Shiver Bar, Triceps Rope, Ankle Strap, 2 Single Handles, Foot Plate

Design and Features

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage comes in an all-inclusive workout package for users who want to implement an all-around workout. You can accomplish every exercise on this one machine that you can in the gym. And that is great if you want to get a tonne of work done and have limited space. It accommodates a host of strength and conditioning workouts: Bench press, barbell squat, and deadlifts. There are also high and low pulleys to work the chest, back, shoulders and arms. As if not enough, you can work out your leg muscles with the squat rack and leg developer to perform extensions or curls. One of the defining features of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is that also comes with a lat bar, triceps rope, shiver bar, ankle strap, chrome row handle and two single handles so that you can experiment with your exercises.


  • Owner’s manual
  • Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine
  • Ankle strap
  • Shiver bar
  • Link chains
  • 2 single handles
  • Tricep rope
  • What we liked


There more than one reason why working out from home is better than a membership. It’s a great way to ensure consistency in your fitness routine. On top of that, you forget about waiting in line for your turn on a machine and of course, don’t have to wipe off a stranger’s sweat off before you use it. It goes without saying, its a great way to work out. You don’t have to worry about people watching you or paying a monthly subscription. And that’s where the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage comes in. If you’re looking to build mass, it is a great way to start your home gym because it retails at a price that’s hard to beat.

It gets a thumbs up for its all-in-one design that brings together a bunch of work out exercises. You get a free weight squat rack, a pec deck station, a press bar with sealed bearings, a separate Marcy Olympic weight bench, a dual-function leg developer, high cable crossover, a low pulley with a footrest, and of course the Smith machine. With these, you’re able to hit just about every muscle group. Best of all, it all fits in a small room which is great for space-constrained users.

Buy the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage at Amazon

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