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Laptop RAM vs Desktop RAM

Comparing laptop ram vs desktop ram

The Random Access Memory (RAM), also known as system memory or main memory, is computer storage that temporarily stores files and software currently being used by the computer. In this guide, we are going to discuss laptop RAM vs desktop RAM to help you make an educated decision when buying one for yourself. Laptop RAM …

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Asus vs Lenovo

Lenovo and Asus laptops placed on a table

If you have been shopping around for a laptop, you have probably stumbled upon two of the most popular brands in the computer industry: Asus vs Lenovo. While both of these brands have pretty good options, you are only buying one laptop and need to make a quick decision.  That is why we prepared this …

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What Is My Laptop Screen Size?

Person using a black HP laptop

From buying a new laptop bag to determining the true resolution of your screen, there are many situations that can leave a user asking “what’s my laptop screen size?” Whether you need to call technical service about your screen or even compare your device with another, it’s good to know what’s your laptop screen size. …

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What is a Good Laptop Brand?

Black Dell laptop on sofa

Big names, cutting-edge designs, amazing technological features, and some catchy slogans are just some of the things we think when it comes to Laptops brands. Nevertheless, when we are thinking about buying a good laptop for us, is natural to ask ourselves what is a good laptop brand, so we can choose from a quality …

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