How to Unfreeze a Mouse on Laptop Devices

You are in the middle of a busy task with your Laptop when you decide to get a cup of coffee. When you return to your laptop, the mouse cursor is frozen and it doesn’t move. Don’t fret! If you don’t know how to unfreeze a mouse on laptop devices, it’s actually simpler than it might seem!

How to Unfreeze a Mouse on Laptop Devices

There are several ways you can unfreeze a mouse on laptop devices. Start by tapping the “F7,” “F8” or “F9” keys at the top of your keyboard while releasing the “Fn” key at the bottom of your laptop, near the space bar. If it doesn’t work, check your hardware (USB ports and mouse) for any flaw. If the situation persists, or go deeper into the devices’ settings.

The function keys at the top of your keyboards often enable and disable your laptop’s touchpad and that can unfreeze your mouse. Remember this keyboard shortcut works with the “Fn” key at the bottom on many types of laptop computers. Many laptop models indicate when your touchpad is on with a sound or light.

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If the problem persists, there are several other ways you can try to unfreeze your mouse: 

Check your Hardware

If your mouse still gets frozen, it’s time to do a hardware check, First, verify if your mouse is wired or wireless. 

If You Use a Wired Mouse

Start by checking if your mouse is correctly settled. Unplug it and plug it again. Try with another USB port. Your laptop will probably tell you it needs to download the drivers again. If that is the case, that should be done by the OS system itself.

If that doesn’t work, check then the wire of your mouse searching for some broke thread. If that is the case, you should replace the mouse.

If You Use a Wireless Mouse

If you use an RF Wireless mouse, start by checking the connection of your dongle. If you have an additional port available, change it to another USB port. Verify the status of your mouse’s batteries. Many models have an indicator light, near the “On/Off” button. Press the “On/Off” button if it’s necessary.

If you use a Bluetooth wireless mouse, start by checking the status of your mouse’s batteries. Many models have an indicator light, near the “On/Off” button. Press the “On/Off” button if it’s necessary. 

Additionally, some models of Bluetooth Wireless mouse have an activity indicator light, in the upper side next to the “Pairing” button. Verify if it’s working. If this light is off or is trimming is maybe useful to get into the configuration settings.

To go to the configuration settings, try pressing: Start button/ Settings/ Devices/ Bluetooth and other devices. Verify that your laptop has turned “On” the “Bluetooth”. If it is off, turn it on, and be sure that the laptop is visible for everybody in Bluetooth. Select “Add Bluetooth” or “other device”

Turn on the pairing button of the mouse. This button should be press for a few seconds. Most of the models have a light that turns on when the device is visible. At that point, your computer should locate the mouse and it must be asking permission to pair. Confirm and save the pairing. Your mouse should be working normally now.  

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Why is My Mouse Frozen?

There could be several reasons why your mouse’s frozen. The most likely are hardware failure or driver misconfiguration. Maybe your mouse cable gets a broken thread, or your current USB port has a failure. 

On the other hand, you can accidentally change the configuration of your mouse just randomly pressing the “F” series on your keyboard. Likewise, you can accidentally unpair your Bluetooth mouse pressing the pair button of your mouse. 

How Do I Unfreeze my Mouse on Windows 10?

If your previous efforts to “wake up” your mouse still don’t work and the freeze still continues, go deeper into the configuration. Try pressing: Start button/ Settings/ Devices/ Bluetooth and other devices. 

Select “Mouse, Keyboard, and pen”. Check the current status of your mouse. If it is settled, you can remove the actual configuration and settle it again. Windows 10 should be able to look for the correct driver and install it.


If your mouse freezes, there is no reason to worry. First, check for any misconfiguration of your device using your keyboard. If the situation persists, perform a quick check of your hardware. If you don’t see anything wrong with it, then review the settings of your mouse in the settings panel.

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