How Much Is a Wireless Mouse?

While many people have already started using wireless mice, there are those who are just getting their feet wet. If you are thinking of buying your first mouse, the first question you will probably ask yourself is, how much is a wireless mouse? This guide is here to help you answer that question.

How Much is a Wireless Mouse?

A quick search of ‘wireless mouse’ on will spit out a variety of wireless mice with widely varying prices. While some cost as low as under $10, there are others that go beyond $300. 

Like many products in the market, there isn’t a single standard price for all the wireless mice in the market. There are different wireless mice available in the market, for different purposes at different prices. 

Why the disparity in price? To understand how much a wireless mouse costs, you’d have to consider a lot of features. The most common are:

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Type of Mice

Although most wireless mice use the same concept, different types have emerged over the years. Some types are better than others. You will find the price of a wireless mouse is directly informed by what they feature or the kind of technology they use. You can categorize wireless mice based on:

  • Their transmission technology or mouse interface (such as Bluetooth mouse)
  • What’s their purpose (such as gaming mouse)
  • The mouse’s design (such as an ergonomic or vertical mouse)

There are 4 common mice based on transmission technology: These include:

  • Optical mouse: This is the most common type of wireless mouse. It uses infrared technology to communicate with the computer. You can tell these mice by the bright red glow on the underside of the mouse. They are cheaper and usually cost between $10 to $100.
  • RF Frequency Mouse: These mice use Radio Frequency (RF) signals. An RF transmitter inside the mouse transmits the signals to an RF receiver on the computer. This type of mice can cost as high as $300.
  • Bluetooth Mouse: These mice use Bluetooth technology for communication between the computer and mouse via an infrared signal. Most Bluetooth mice can cost about $12 to $300.  
  • USB Mouse: These mice use a small receiver that is plugged into the USB port to communicate with the computer. USB mice are slightly cheaper than Bluetooth mice costing between $10 to $200.
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Examples of wireless mice based on purpose include:

  • Travel mice: Usually come in smaller sizes than standard wireless mice. These types of mice are great for easy storage in backpacks, laptop bags or even your pocket.
  • Gaming mice: These expensive mice come with advanced features than other types of wireless mice. The features depend on the type of game the mouse. Most good gaming mice cost about $15 to $350.

The design may also affect the price of a wireless mouse. In this case, wireless mice with ergonomic designs tend to be more expensive than those with standard designs. Ergonomic designs facilitate comfort by positioning the hand in a neutral position.

Variety of Features

Wireless mice that come with additional features are more expensive than those with fewer features. For example, gaming wireless mice usually have more bells and whistles than commonplace mice.

This means that if you are buying a simple wireless mouse for everyday use, you will pay less than when buying a gaming mouse.


Just like with most electronics, the price of a wireless mouse mostly depends on the manufacturer. Brands with more credibility tend to attach higher price tags to their mice. Companies who are just beginning don’t do this.

For example, Logitech is the most popular wireless mouse brand. For this reason, their products sell for higher prices since customers already trust them.

Is a Wireless Mouse Better than A Wired Mouse?

One of the most common concerns that people who are thinking of switching to a wireless mouse is whether they’re better than a wired mouse. To better answer this question, we have provided some pros and cons of each type of mouse below. 

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Advantages of Wireless Mice

Disadvantages of Wireless Mice

  • Most models need batteries or recharging to operate.
  • Some objects between the mouse and the receiver can interfere with the connection.
  • Most models are often more expensive than wired mice.

Advantages of Wired Mice

  • Wired mice are usually faster than wireless mice.
  • No objects can interfere with the connection.
  • Wired mice are usually less expensive than wireless mice.
  • They don’t need batteries to operate.

Disadvantages of Wired Mice

  • Inconvenient to use because of the cords.
  • Not good for travelers

From the above, you can see that each type of mouse has its own upsides and downsides. Whatever you choose depends on how you are going to use the mouse and your preferences. 


The price of a wireless mouse depends on a number of factors as discussed above. To understand how much you will spend on a mouse, you need to factor in your own unique needs and shop around for the best offers. We hope this guide helps you find the best wireless mouse for the best prices.

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