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ASUS G11CD-DB52 Desktop Review

Front face of the ASUS G11CD-DB52 Desktop

Asus has been the biggest OEM in the gaming PC segment with its republic of gamers line of pre-built gaming desktops. A lot of hardcore gamers prefer to buy individual components and build their own custom-built rig. Sadly, this can be a daunting and expensive exercise for non-technical gamers. The Desktop gives you all the …

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ASUS G11CD-DB72 Desktop Review

A front view of the ASUS G11CD-DB72 Desktop

Epic design, VR ready, 6th Gen Intel quad-core processor, GTX 1080 –there is absolutely no doubt that the ASUS G11CD-DB72 Premium Gaming Desktop is well equipped to run basically any game you throw at it smoothly with the highest settings. The few flaws like lack of USB Type-C and lousy internal cable management can be …

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