CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 Desktop Review

The major selling point for the CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 in terms of performance is the processor. The AMD FX-4300 is one of the very best AMD processors out there that can go toe to toe with most modern processors. If you don’t mind playing at average game settings at 1080p resolution or if you enjoy CPU intensive RTS and E-sports titles like StarCraft, this is a PC for you.

The CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 is also perfect for users looking for a desktop PC with an above-average performance for their productivity tasks, photo editors, artists, front-end designers, video editors engineers among others. It’s an excellent choice for students on a tight budget.


  • Great build quality
  • Affordable
  •  Plenty of storage
  • Compact mid-tower case
  • Fast processor and sufficient volatile memory


  • GPU a bit dated but still capable

If you are looking for an ultra-budget gaming PC, your best bet is to choose one with older but powerful components like this CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 Gaming Desktop. Buying a gaming PC equipped with the latest and flashy components can be an expensive undertaking. It’s quite prohibitive for the average gamer or power user who wants to play their favorite PC games or run heavy applications smoothly. There is an incredible value to be found in such systems as most of them are equipped with flagship performance components.

The CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 Gaming Desktop is powered by an AMD FX-4300 3.80GHz Quad-Core Processor, sports 8GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 dedicated graphics. That ideally makes it an excellent choice for buyers on a tight budget.

Design and Features

The CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 is housed in a tastefully designed mid-tower case that has all the characteristics of a gaming PC; accent lights, transparent side panel, and sharp contours. It has this grooved mid-panel that is adorned with green RGB backlighting that makes it drool-worthy.

Measuring just 8.2 x 14.7 x 16.5 inches and weighing only 19.8 pounds, the CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 is nice and compact. It’s the kind of PC that you can quickly transfer from room to room or even to a LAN party or friend’s house for a day of multi-player gaming. The CybertronPC Electrum QS-A6 gaming desktop shares similar dimensions, but it offers a more significant memory (16GB) for faster performance.

In terms of specifications, it stands almost shoulder to shoulder with the Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop and the CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3400A Gaming Desktop. The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A4 Desktop is yet another desktop that shares more than a similar price range.

Internals and motherboard

We can take a glimpse at the internals through the transparent side panel, and as expected, cable management and overall construction are professionally done. You can easily pop the lid after a bit of unscrewing. The motherboard has a decent amount of upgrade options including space for extra RAM, SATA storage and any other PCIe compatible cards.

There is no limit to upgrades you can introduce to the CybertronPC Electrum QS-GT7. The 500Watt PSU can comfortably power newer video cards like say, a GTX 980 that can be plugged into the PCIe x 16 slots on this motherboard. A PSU upgrade can allow you to install a powerful card like the GTX 1060 OR GTX1080 if you decide to get into more hardcore FPS PC gaming.

Overall, we like the design of the CybertronPC Electrum QS-GT7. It has the looks of a modern gaming PC while not being too ostentatious like some gaming rigs out there. It has an excellent build quality and compact metallic case that can fit in most spaces.

Windows 10 Home comes installed on the CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4allowing us to take advantage of DirectX 12, have better software integration, buttery smooth gameplay, integration with XBOX live, etc.
Input Devices

Keyboard and Mouse

This desktop comes with a standard keyboard and mouse. There is nothing special about these two peripherals. They offer decent performance for general-purpose computing and gaming but nothing more. The keyboard has nice soft-touch keys that have adequate travel.

Meanwhile, the mouse also offers accurate optical tracking and feels comfortable to hold. We would advise serious gamers to grab an affordable dedicated gaming mouse and Keyboard off Amazon. However, the two are an excellent addition to this package as they allow us to jump right into gaming on the CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4right off the box.


The CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4comes with a decent selection of ports. We get two PS/2 ports for the keyboard and mouse, two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port and a 5.1 Channel audio interface for external surround sound output. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 provides the HDMI and DVI ports we need for HD video output.


The AMD FX-4300 3.80GHz Quad-Core Processor coupled with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 on the CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4. That makes it a tremendous multi-purpose desktop PC in addition to gaming. This configuration is excellent for real-time strategy games like Starcraft that rely on fast CPU calculations as they will take full advantage of the FX-4300’s clock speeds while the GTX 730 is left with handling graphics. The 8 Gigs of RAM is sufficient for gaming.
Our experience playing our favorite RTS titles like Spell Force, StarCraft, Halo wars, and Tooth and Tail on this PC was pleasant.

That, said we did try running a few mid-tier shooters and open-world titles like Dota and GTA at 1080p and 720p resolution and the CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 handled most of them quite well. The gaming performance is also much better if you have this PC hooked up to a decent V-Sync monitor.

Additionally, the CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 also shines as a general-purpose high-performance desktop PC. Loading it up with demanding applications like premiere and blender doesn’t bog it down as fast too.


Though a bit dated, the CybertronPC Electrum QS-A4 still offers excellent performance at an unbeatable price. You can quickly introduce modern components into this system and achieve performance levels that can rival expensive advanced gaming systems out there. The processor on this PC is quite exceptional.

Should you buy it?

NO. While it does offer good performance, there are better options for the price. We recommend going for the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXiVR8520A desktop instead. It offers more modern features, better value all at an affordable price point.

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