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What Is My Laptop Screen Size?

Person using a black HP laptop

From buying a new laptop bag to determining the true resolution of your screen, there are many situations that can leave a user asking “what’s my laptop screen size?” Whether you need to call technical service about your screen or even compare your device with another, it’s good to know what’s your laptop screen size. …

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Can You Upgrade Ram on a Laptop?

A hand holding a strip of a laptop RAM

We all enjoy enormously when we open our brand new laptop and experience its speed, multitasking abilities, and storage facilities. With time, we may start noticing that it gets “slow”. That’s when we might want to upgrade its RAM, but can you upgrade RAM on a laptop? Can You Upgrade RAM on a Laptop? If …

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What is a Good Laptop Brand?

Black Dell laptop on sofa

Big names, cutting-edge designs, amazing technological features, and some catchy slogans are just some of the things we think when it comes to Laptops brands. Nevertheless, when we are thinking about buying a good laptop for us, is natural to ask ourselves what is a good laptop brand, so we can choose from a quality …

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What Does 2 in 1 Laptop Mean?

The evolution of the market of PCs and laptops tends to lead us more and more to hybrid products. Some of them look more like laptops than tablets and vice versa. All these models can be a little confusing for the consumer. We’re here to answer the people wondering what does 2 in 1 laptop …

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