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Best Laptop for Nursing Students [2020 Review]

Female student using a laptop

Nursing school can be a tough hassle. There’s a heavy workload, demanding clinical practice, long night shifts, and tight schedules, all yearning for your attention. The best laptop for nursing students can make everything so much easier. Things become even more stressful when you can’t finish your assignments on time, plan schedules ahead of time …

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Best Laptop for Creatives [2020 Reviews]

Essential items for creatives includes a laptop, pencils, papers, color guides

Creative work requires a lot of computer power. Whether you are a graphic designer, image or video editor, or a professional photographer, you need a laptop that can comfortably handle the most demanding software. We’ve reviewed several products in the market to help you find the best laptop for creatives.  Top Laptops for Creatives in …

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Best Laptop for Realtors [2020 Reviews]

Being a realtor is a demanding job. You are invariably helping clients find their dream home, researching the latest listings, doing negotiations, attending meetings, traveling and keeping up with the real estate market. The best laptop for realtors could make your work easier and make you more organized and productive. However, with a hectic schedule, …

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Best Laptops for Computer Science Students (2020 Guide)

Image of computer science student working on laptop

The laptop industry has undergone so many changes over the past decade. There’s bound to be more confusion in the notebook aisle now more than ever. Unfortunately, while the changes are for the better, it might be confusing. This is true especially if you’re looking for a laptop for a niche profession. Today’s laptops encompass …

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Best Laptops for Mechanical Engineering Students (2020 Guide)

Best laptops for mechanical engineering students

If you’d like to get into the engineering field as a mechanical engineering student, this article is for you. As an aspiring aerospace engineer, automotive engineer, or a CAD technician, you need a laptop to take you through undergraduate and graduate school. Since you’re going to encounter more than a dozen types of software in …

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