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Best Laptop for Adobe Creative Cloud [2020 Review]

Laptop with Adobe Creative Cloud installed

Adobe has opened a world of possibilities for creatives. The Adobe Creative Cloud gives designers access to a host of tools for video editing, graphic design, photography and web development. This provides a great opportunity to explore your creativity without breaking the bank.  However, to ensure that the Adobe Creative Cloud runs smoothly, you need …

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Best Laptop for Streaming in 2020

Man playing on gaming laptop

The streaming industry has grown, competition has become fierce and now streaming platforms are investing heavily in producing better quality content. High-quality content means faster streaming speeds, higher resolutions, better audio quality and so on. In this case, low-end laptops don’t cut, you need the best laptop for streaming that can comfortably handle some hardcore …

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Best Laptop for Elementary Students [2020 Reviews]

Elementary student using a laptop

The world is now hyper-connected and there is no reason your children should be left behind. Early exposure to technology is paramount to helping them understand and communicate in a virtual world. That’s why getting them a laptop as early as elementary school is important.  However, the computer market is not very considerate of young …

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Best Laptops for Microsoft Office (2020 Guide)

Image shows the Microsoft building, home of MS Office

In today’s world, the ultimate everyday laptop is considered to be one that combines portability, performance, and good looks. But what is rarely mentioned in this list is the pre-loaded operating system within the laptop. Why, might you ask? It’s because it needs no introduction. Microsoft has made sure Windows is such a compelling package, …

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