Best Virus Protection for Laptops

The kind of innovations in computer security companies has brought up a fierce competition war. While such competitions give birth to genuine improved products, fake ones also thrive. Therefore, you need some antivirus knowledge to get the best virus protection for laptops that will give you the best service.

Our Top Virus Protection for Laptops

There are so many antivirus options in the market. Choosing the best protection for your machine from such a big pool could be difficult. For that reason, we sampled several virus protections and compiled the guide below to help you make an educated purchasing decision. 

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Best Overall Virus Protection for Laptops: Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security - 5 Devices | 1 year...

This award-winning security protection software protects more than 500 million users in more than 150 countries. Bitdefender Total Security has been among the top antivirus protections for about two decades now. Its high-end security features have no peers, especially for window users. Between 2011 and 2020, they had an AV-Test score of 5.5.

Many antivirus companies provide entry-level security plans yet go on to include some top-tier packages like back-up and performance optimization for extra security. Others even add support to accommodate other operating systems like iOS, Android, and macOS. With Bitdefender, you get an all-encompassing security protection package.

The Bitdefender Total Security package unites bonanza security functions with bonus features to form one mega-suite. With this antivirus system, you get more than excellent protection. It provides VPN, webcam protection, anti-tracker, anti-phishing, and other privacy protection features. With one purchase, you can protect up to five devices.

The antivirus uses behavioral detection technology to protect active apps on your devices. It will inform you immediately it detects a red flag then take appropriate action. 

What We Like

  • Online management for your devices
  • Several extra features
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Supports Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.
  • Windows system optimization
  • Fair price for a range of competitive features

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited iOS support
  • Fewer features for windows than its rival antiviruses
Bitdefender Total Security - 5 Devices | 1 year...
  • Speed-optimized, cross-platform protection for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • NEW: Microphone Monitor – know when apps have access; Anti-tracker – keep browsing data private,...
  • IMPROVED: Parental Controls – filter content, limit screen time, and track location; Safe Online...

Best Virus Protection for Laptops for Money: Webroot Internet Security

Webroot Internet Security Complete | Antivirus...

Webroot Internet security gives you excellent anti-malware solutions plus some three extra “SecureAnyWhere packages.” The product goes at an introductory discount, and the renewal prices are lower, especially for the multiyear subscribers. You get a free 14 days trial for this product. 

The malware protection shields your devices from viruses, phishing, keyloggers, spyware, and ransomware. It also provides you webcam security, firewall security, password manager, and a network protection monitor.

The software is a cross-platform (for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS) and provides a 25 GB cloud storage backup. It features a system optimizer to enhance your system performance. 

The Webroot internet security installer is tiny and installs very fast. It begins operating immediately after installation. This antivirus performs three scheduled scans every day to identify potential red flags. The scan is seamless and efficient. It doesn’t slow down your device whatsoever.

This system strictly monitors computer Apps. If it detects any red flags in any program, it clears all the suspicious actions. It protects your private data like login credentials. 

What We Like

  • Provides Ransomware protection
  • The seamless scan doesn’t slow down your computer
  • Attractive discounts on subscriptions 
  • Firewall and webcam protection available in all package 

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited lab test results
  • No VPN security
  • Lacks parent control features
Webroot Internet Security Complete | Antivirus...
  • POWERFUL, LIGHTNING-FAST ANTIVIRUS: Protects your computer from viruses and malware through the...
  • IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION AND ANTI-PHISHING: Webroot protects your personal information against...
  • SUPPORTS ALL DEVICES: Compatible with PC, MAC, Chromebook, Mobile Smartphones and Tablets including...

Best Cheap Virus Protection for Laptops: Kaspersky Total Security 2020

Kaspersky Total Security 2023 | 5 Devices | 1 Year...

The Kaspersky Total Security 2020 gives you everything that you need in a security suite. It provides a range of features that cover every aspect of computer security.

The cross-platform Total security software provides airtight security protections for Windows, macOS, and Android operating systems. Some features of this system also support iOS platforms. You can connect up to five different devices with one total security package for a year.

Kaspersky has two-factor authentication for all online accounts and an excellent malware scanner. The total security application control sets restrictions to allow only safe and trusted applications to run. The three elements of this protection software have three points of security scan intensity.

It also provides privacy protection against webcam spying, browser tracking, and potential hacking threats. Kaspersky has an unlimited password manager that protects all your login credentials. With the parental control feature, you can define your kid’s applications as either Allowed, Forbidden, or Limited.

Among other bonus features that you get with this top security are; a backup system, and enhanced parental control system, file encryption.

What We Like

  • Several additional features
  • Backup system
  • Improved Parental control and Unlimited password manager
  • File encryption and shredding
  • Supports Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS
  • Excellent performance score from antivirus labs

What We Don’t Like

  • Provides no online hosted storage
  • Heavy on the system during a full scan
Kaspersky Total Security 2023 | 5 Devices | 1 Year...
  • PROTECTS MULTIPLE DEVICES: Stay safe at home and on the go with a single license for your PCs, Macs,...
  • FIGHTS EVERY THREAT: Stop worrying about viruses, phishing, ransomware and tomorrow’s most...
  • STOPS ONLINE THEFT: Shop, bank and pay securely online with extra layers of protection from our Safe...

Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Virus Protection for Your Computer

Before you give anyone your money in exchange for an antivirus, there are some specific considerations that you need to make. Otherwise, you could buy something that will not serve the intended purpose. Below is a list of things you need to consider when you want to purchase antivirus software.

Laptop in need of a virus protection software

Compatibility and Speed

Some antiviruses are notorious for slowing down computer systems when performing functions like full scans. If you have an aging device, you could go for less intensive antivirus software. You can identify such software by reading customer reviews or consulting with a computer expert.

Similarly, if you want to buy security software to work within more than one device, make sure that it is compatible with the operating system in all those machines.

Most security protection systems are compatible with other operating systems. Only very few work in macOS. You must check for this before you make your purchase.

Ease of Usage

A good antivirus should not have a complicated user interface. It should be very straight forward to navigate through. Go for something that matches your computer skills, a system that only requires you to have a few clicks to initiate all the necessary scans.

Also, find antivirus software that provides you with easy to follow prompts. For example, when it detects a threat, it should deal with it or give you a simple step to follow.

A complicated navigation system could make your experience difficult, especially when you are not good at the technical aspects of a computer. However, if you are an expert, this is a piece of cake.

Budget Payment Plans

Premium antivirus options come with different prices depending on the brand and features. You can get the software on your budget provided that it sorts your security needs.

Various software companies also have discounts either on the first purchase or subsequent renewals. You need to check for such offers for your security software. Antivirus software companies also package their product according to features. In most cases, the most basic features cost the least.

Some companies offer free trials for some time. You can try this and see how it serves you before you pay for a package.

Additional Features

The primary function of an antivirus system to protect your computer from potential malware. However, additional features like parental control, privacy control, and VPN could be necessary if you work on a shared platform.

Some of this software even comes with cloud storage backup and password management features as part of the mega-suites. If you need more than basic features, these are what you should check.


There are lots of antiviruses out there. It is vital that you one that has a proven record in the market. Online store platforms have some of the most genuine reviews. While some vendors edit and delete some of the reviews, you can judge the honesty of some views.

Person putting a usb in his laptop

You can also tell the performance and integrity of software by how it ranks in independent industry test results like AV-TEST. Such platforms provide an honest and accurate view of how the product compares with others of similar functionality.

Company’s Privacy Policy

We have all heard of cases where an antivirus company has leaked or sold user information to third-party information brokers. Be careful not to fall victim to such unethical behaviors.

To avoid this, make sure you read the privacy policy for the software. It discusses which personal data the company can access and how it will handle your private information. The easiest way to get such information is through inline search and company websites.

Customer Service and Technical Support

A good company is one that offers support during and after someone has bought their products. Before you buy any software, you can check whether their company responds to questions and complaints from its customers through their online channels.

This aspect should not bother you if you are an expert with technical aspects of the software. However, if you do not trust your skills, please check on it.

With a good and responsive customer care service, you can always make inquiries and seek guidance from the vendor.

Bottom Line

The market is full of virus protection software from both genuine and fake vendors. If you are not careful, you could land a software that will damage your device rather than protect it. You need to have some basic information on software to be able to make the right choice.

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