9 Best Laptop Bag Gifts in 2020

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With the holiday season and BlackFriday slowly drawing near, it’s about time to start figuring out which laptop bag to gift your gaming loved ones. With so many laptop bags available, it’s hard to know which one fits your lifestyle perfectly. As a result, we’ve assembled some of the best laptop bags for the classroom or the office. The list covers some of the best laptop bags with comfort, looks, and functionality in check.

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The messenger – Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag

The Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag

The Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag is an excellent bag and for good reason. It covers all the standard bag features and holds 13-inch to 15-inch sizes of laptops. Inside, it includes a padded sleeve for your laptop and other pockets for a DSLR camera and lens. Generally, the bag is spacious with several large compartments and great for toting around campus or work.

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Compact Style – Brenthaven Collins Vertical  Messenger

The Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger Bag

The Brenthaven Collins Vertical  Messenger is a no-frills compact bag with a few hidden gems inside its sleeves. It comes with a few handy features such as a pen holder and a dedicated mouse pouch and not mentioning a padded laptop sleeve. It comfortably should fit any laptop, Chromebooks, tablet, MacBook, Netbook and Notebooks up to 13 inches in size. One of its other stand out feature is the Coretex body material it’s made out of. The material provides an extra layer of scratch and drop protection for your laptop and other devices.

For Gamers – GT Omega Racing Backpack

A front face image of the GT Omega Racing Backpack

Want to impress the gamer in your life, you can’t go wrong with the GT Omega Racing Backpack. Not only is this bag great as a commuter to tag around in school or college, but it’s also an excellent backpack for event-travel such as LAN parties. The brand is known for making gaming chairs, peripherals so you’re in the right hands with this bag.

Inside, the GT Omega can fit up to a 17.inch laptop and carry a load capacity of 40kgs along while full. That means you can carry your phone, extra pairs of clothes, documents, binders, files, tablets, and even a lunch box.

The best features about it, other than a large capacity is its well organized many compartments and water-proof, scratch-resistant exterior. You will also love the high-quality straps to cushion heavy loads on your shoulders. Overall, it’s an excellent backpack for hauling your gaming devices.

Budget pick – AmazonBasic Backpack

Looking for value for money, the AmazonBasic Backpack is one of the best value for money bags for its price. It flaunts a simple design, easy to pack clamshell design and well-organized front compartment. While it is a great value bag, it is also as barebones as it gets with little to no eccentric features and without sacrificing on capacity and security.  

Your loved ones will love its numerous zipped compartments, easily accessible front compartments (for your headphones, phones, and pens) and large capacity. You can haul a 15-inch laptop easily and the dense foam inside will insulate your devices from jarring bumps and drops.

The bag is available in three colors; black, grey and maroon and also comes with a waterproof exterior. It’s one of the most highly rated laptop backpacks on Amazon with 3000+ reviews.

Commuter’s dream – Timbuk2 Command Messenger bag

Thinking of travel? The Timbuk2 Command Messenger bag is a one in a kind messenger bag for the frequent traveler. It has also won a couple of awards for being a top business use bag for the professional worker.

From top to bottom, the Timbuk2 is a beautifully designed messenger bag with a pretty decent price tag (as a higher-end bag) and plenty of pocket compartments. The interior is waterproof and there is a whole collection of pockets for your daily office or college needs.

If anything, the front and laptop pouch open easily deeming the bag TSA-friendly. In travel instances, you won’t have to pull out the laptop when getting checked at the airport. Just like other higher-end bags, it combines a sense of ingenuity while keeping capacity in mind – there are both large and small compartments.

Premium companion – Tumi Alpha Bravo Commuter

If you’re thinking of a bit of premium laptop gift, the Tumi Alpha Bravo Commuter is the way to go. It might be a little pricier than your average bag, the quality of material used backs up the cost. Ballistic nylon and leather accents describe the interior of this bag, making it attractive durable and high-quality. Your loved one will love that they can pack their laptop and other personal items such sa books, accessories and smaller devices in this bag.

The Tumi offers both a handle and padded should pad for carrying it. There is plenty of space for packing your gear and padded compartments for a laptop, tablet. Under the bag, there is a zipper that allows the user to expand the bag such that it can carry a little extra luggage and a bag or a briefcase. Ultimately, the Tumi Alpha Bravo is an expensive bag, but it’s a worthwhile quality brand that’s worth investing in to. And you won’t have to worry about in the long run.

Brand Name – Razer Rogue

If you’re one to trust brand names, the Razer Rogue bag is another widely known brand name you can go for. Razer has made a good name for itself as a reputable company manufacturing some of the best gaming accessories in the market.

As such, you should expect the very best from them. The Razer Rogue specifically brings to the table a capacity to handle a 13-inch and 15-inch laptop, depending on which you opt for. The bags come with tear and water-resistant exterior, a TPU padded scratch proof interior, and a dedicated laptop compartment. As expected, the Rogue carries Razer’s official theme color meaning the exterior is adorned in a magnificent blend of black and green accents. On the whole, it is a cool bag to own, and a great gift for the gamer at heart.

Basic Messenger – AmazonBasics Messenger Bag

The AmazonBasics Messenger Bag

The AmazonBasics Messenger Bag is a great choice if you’re on a budget. While it’s not the most attractive or stylish, the AmazonBasics ticks the right boxes for a good laptop bag. It’s made of good material (nylon on the interior), offers plenty of space for its price, and has some extra compartments for storage. You can also confidently pack your 15.6-inch laptop (there’s a 17-inch option too) in the dense padded laptop compartment where it will be safe from the elements. Finally, the AmazonBasics has over than 12,000 reviews on Amazon so its value does speak for itself.

Versitive pick – CoolBELL Messenger Bag

The CoolBELL Messenger Bag

The CoolBELL Messenger Bag combines three bags into one. It can function as a backpack, shoulder bag, and messenger bag.  The straps can be hidden should you choose to you it as a messenger bag. You’ll love that there are four outside pockets conveniently placed to hold your phone, tablet, pens, business cards, wallet, and diaries. For a budget price, the CoolBELL Messenger is a great choice to carry for a short trip as it offers enough room to handle clothes, laptops and some books. It’s small enough such that you can carry it along through TSA into your flight. In addition to the rear backpack straps, it features top carry handles for a quick-grab-and-go-style.


So which laptop bag would you want for your loved ones? If we had to recommend, we’d recommend two choices. First, the Razer Rogue for all those brand loyal(s). The Razor is spacious for your laptop and other devices. It’s big enough to hold your belongings, offer protection to keep your devices safe, and, of course, look good while you’re wearing them. Secondly, the Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger is our other favorite. It’s a budget option that’s compact enough for long journeys and light enough for daily commute to the office and school.

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