Best Brand Laptop for a College Student

Whether you are looking for the best gaming laptop, a convertible or one for basic use, there’s a laptop for every use in college. The real question is what is the best brand laptop for a college student? If you have no idea which laptop brand to trust, we prepared this guide to help you choose which brand best suits your college needs. 

What is the Best Brand Laptop for a College Student? 

The best brands laptop for a college student are:

  • HP
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Apple

All these laptop brands offer excellent products with stellar performance, impressive designs, high-quality build, and justified price tags. They provide a vast range of options that are great for anyone in college.

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Let’s take a look at each laptop brand and what they offer:


HP is famous for its affordability and premium quality. If you’re looking for a laptop that comes with an affordable price tag without sacrificing its quality, HP will not disappoint. For instance, the American brand has solidly positioned itself as a leader in the computer market especially with its Spectre models

This brand is a great option for college students looking for top-hole Chromebooks and convertibles. It’s popular among computer consumers due to its admirable value for money, a variety of products, incredible innovations, and stellar designs. 

Over the years, HP has built a strong reputation and gained immense trust from its innumerable customers. For instance, it gave a new meaning to ultra-portables and versatile laptops. The Spectre and Envy laptop series have helped put HP on the forefront with their high processing speeds, sleek designs, compact constructions, and versatility. 

These, among other factors, make HP a top choice when looking for a laptop that will nicely blend into your college life. 

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Just like HP, this Austin-based manufacturer has built quite a name for itself in the computer market. Dell boasts of premium laptops with impressive designs, portability, long battery lives and breathtaking processing speeds. 

The Inspiron and XPS are among its most popular lines of modern laptops. Dell has for many years been pushing laptop boundaries by incorporating plausible innovations into its products. Most of Dell’s laptops pack features that easily click with customer needs making it a perfect brand for college students looking for an adventurous laptop. 

The company, having learned from the successes of Microsoft and HP, has been launching a series of impressive 2-in-1 and Chromebook devices. A strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has been the main driver of Dell’s prosperity. 

It makes for a good option for college students willing to spend extra bucks for a laptop that packs the latest technologies and designs to die for. Their Alienware brand will easily capture the attention of college students looking for stellar gaming laptops. This brand is available in the latest XPS models such as the XPS 15 and 17 that offer incredible gaming innovations and customization. 


Although Lenovo’s reputation from the perspective of professionals has taken a back seat, it’s still a great brand for college students. Unlike HP and Dell, this is not the brand to look up to if you are in search of Chromebooks. However, its convertible models are just as good compared to those from HP and Dell. 

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Its ThinkPad line of laptops is the most popular. They have received a lot of positive reviews from customers especially due to its consistency in packing high-quality performance. For college students looking for a well-rounded device with a sturdy design and admirable built quality, Lenovo’s ThinkPad line should be the first priority. 

This manufacturer is also famous for its decent gaming options making it a go-to brand for college gamers looking for a great laptop to fill up their free time. 


Apple doesn’t have MacBooks or convertibles. However, that doesn’t make it a lesser brand for college students looking for premium built and sleek designs. If you value customer service, this is the brand to choose from. While most Apple laptops are expensive, when you look at what you are getting, it becomes easy to look past the price. 

There’s a reason why most of our recommendations feature a MacBook. This is a trusted brand with enviable customer loyalty and high-quality products. Apple has invested heavily in customer support given the premium quality and high price tags its laptops come with.

This is a laptop brand that college students who are willing to spend a sizable amount for premium features go to. So it’s only reasonable that there is reliable customer support you won’t feel like you lost a fortune for nothing. 

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Although most of the other brands mentioned here are giving Apple a run for its money, it is still proudly on the front line. 


When it comes to choosing the best brand laptop for a college student, personal preference will inevitably come into play. However, there are other important factors that will directly inform the kind of brand you choose. These include affordability, range of products, design, portability, general performance, and versatility.

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